Main stage – Band Bios

Pitch Black

Hard to box into a single audio ‘genre’, Pitch Black is a combination of musical journeys and their sound is distinctive; ranging from organic ambient beginnings and layered soundscapes to skanking keyboards, cutting acid riffs and thumping rhythmic grooves, with dub being the glue that holds their sound together. Mike and Paddy met in 1996 and since then they have released five albums, four remix albums and been on six world tours! Waitati Music Festival is buzzing to have Pitch Black on our line up!

Raw Collective

‘Raw Collective’ are a 9-piece Hip Hop big band initially started in Wellington with Jack Cromie, Raw Deezy (Evil Mule), & Pauly Lowe (Blvd. Nights). With their own recording studio, producers, beat makers, audio engineers and a string of musicians their aim is to create thoughtful and fresh hip-hop in the studio, backed up with an impressive full band, live show. Their sound combines elements of Funk, Jazz, and old school Hip Hop.

Black-Sale House

A band of new school vibe creators producing an ever evolving sound which incorporates different styles and influences from their diverse personnel and musical backgrounds, formed in Dunedin while at Otago University in 2020 and building a firm fan bass around the city with their funky genre spanning music.


Skulldubbery originate from the hills & bays of Otepoti New Zealand. After 4 years of solo space travelling, the group of 5 Locals Reunited for an Epic Revival & rebirth of an Iconic Dunedin Reggae/funk /Dub Band. Skulldubbery. Now back in Full effect, and welcomed back to Waitati Music festival.

Tahu and the Takahes

Tahu and the Takahes is a 8 piece band with a Dunedin with a country blues/soul flavour led by the inimitable Tahu Mackenzie, whose free-spirited musical passion gives the band its unmistakable focal point, accompanied by keys, drums, backing vocals and a brass section, these are always a massive draw at Waitati and certainly get the crowd going.

Bo and the constrictors

Slithering their way all over the Dunedin live music scene, BO and the Constrictors are a 4 piece band consisting of Boaz Anema – Vocals/Guitar, Dean Armitage – Bass, Jacob Rutherford – Guitar
Callan Carne – Drums squeezing new life into Vintage Pop/Rock with a modern twist.

Robots In Love

Elenor Rayner creates darkly beautiful, emotional, melodic electronic music as Robots In Love.
She has credits on 45 albums as a producer, remixer, writer or vocalist and has played in the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Australia and New Zealand. At Waitati Music FEstival Elanor is bringing her full band, prepare to dance!

Poet Pallet – Band Bios

King Toad and the Legend of the Fingle-Berry

This Seacliff raised brothers duo are not to be missed. Creating a new sound of their own with complex melodies, this band are fun and great to dance to. As a bonus they can also do your plumbing and electrics. Get a quote at the stage.

The Mason Cooper Disaster

The Mason Cooper Disaster is a 4-piece, guitar driven, brit-punk-pop band, led by Kirsty Cooper.

Before the Snooze

Before The Snooze are a local four-piece band, irresponsibly bringing British inspired sounds to Dunedin since 2018. Call them casual, call them catchy, just be sure to give them your full attention and they’ll take you places. Every member of the band plies their craft precisely, performing wonderfully written songs. Check out last year’s album release ‘Wipe the Slate’ via your preferred music consumption channels.

Shakes and the Troublemakers

Chris ‘Shakes’ Prendergast has been around the Dunedin music scene since before spending time in the city’s punk instigators The Enemy in the late 1970’s. He now fronts this combo with Pottley on bass and at times guitar, along with Red on drums. The Troublemakers both add a beautiful racket supporting Shakes’ over-driven, reverberant, and at times tremolo-heavy guitar.

The Mentalist Collective

The Mentalist Collective comprises five songwriters and multi-instrumentalists. Together they create unique music using a variety of instruments including guitars, ukuleles, dulcimers, and dobro/lapsteel, with full 5 piece vocal harmonies, harmonicas, percussion and pretty much anything else they can get their hands on. With Influences spanning everything from traditional celtic music through to modern folk artists like Mumford & Sons and even to surf rock and 60s R&B, The Mentalist Collective will take you on a sonic journey that will have your toes tapping, and will flood your ears with catchy melodies that will stay with you for weeks afterwards.

Chemical Damage

Chemical Damage are a 3 piece ‘old school punk’ band from Dunedin. They write about real issues and real life in a melodic and noisy manner. Older fellas producing music with a bit of bollocks and meaning. They are passionate about the music they make and enjoy making a racket on stage.


Surf rock four piece with plenty of wordless hooks, ripping leads and fuzzy freak-outs.

Human Susan

Human Susan is the world’s insolent post-punk daughter screaming “I didn’t ask to be born!” and throwing the script away. They squeeze dark, haunty distorted dance floor bops and cheeky earworm lyrics out of their organic orifices, birthing deformed sonic babies that will chase you down those derelict Dunedin streets crying “Mama?!” Wünderkind Connie Benson scrambles the brain waves on guitar, while Caitlin Lester and Ruth Crowe echo twisted melodies to each other with their keyboards and vocals, Jenny Duncan delivers explosive drums and Perry Goldsmith gets the party started with her heavy, rhythmic bass lines.

Psycho King Dogs

The acclaimed legendary skunk rockers the Psycho King Dogs are back in town. These fellers were created in Seacliff, punk capital of NZ and home of the original winter solstice. Their deadly serious rapping is focused on politics, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Finding themselves being fuelled on anarchistic mayhem they truly believe they are warriors of Genghis Khan. PKD have traveled far and wide to overcome the governments in power, fight the fascists and rally for truth and justice for mankind. Banned from playing by major superpowers and most festivals, the Psycho King Dogs now dwell on the fringes of society, ready and waiting to change the world. You’re either with them or against them.

Infinite Justice

Old skool punk with a bit of rock n roll thrown into the mix, founded 2001 by matt elliott and jimmy bates, we are going nowhere but going strong OLD PUNX.

Pop Od

Formed in early 2020, Pop OD are a three piece garage punk band from Te Whanganui a Tara/Wellington. Members Dan, Ollie and Kitt have a long list of previous bands under their collective belt, both here and abroad. Drawing on this experience, a passion for fun, high energy no bullshit punk rock, and inspiration from bands such as Hüsker Dü, New Bomb Turks, Hotsnakes and The Dwarves. Pop OD promise to deliver a blistering, sweaty live set. The band have so far released a solid EP on tape/digital titled Cassette One, with a full length album in the pipeline.

One Day Sane

One Day Sane are an alternative rock 4-piece from Dunedin and are probably the only heavy rock band in the lower South Island with slightly more than 2 kidneys per person. Fuelled by a potent mix of cynicism, beards, and a general disregard for current musical trends, One Day Sane have been inflicting their heavy guitar-driven music on audiences since 2016. One Day Sane are: Matt Wilson – singer/guitarist (Utopia – Dunedin) Scott Mason – drummer (Slim – Chch; Gasoline Cowboy, Gareth Thomas, Mulholland – Akl) Dan Cox – bassist (Maiden China – Dunedin) Hugh Harlow – guitarist (Galloping Hooves of the Apocalypse – Akl; The Baddest – London)


Ayamvoid is Dunedin’s premier progressive death metal trio – binding stifling lyricism with swathes of melodic dissonance upon a groove-focused sonic onslaught.


Groove has a new name, and its name is FOTA. At the heart of this multi-headed musical hydra of swaying, trancelike tight alternative hard rock rhythms with blues/metal/punk/reggae undertones, is a massive beating melodic sensibility. The slightly off-kilter hint of menace is ever close on the horizon, before the joyous, anarchic release of their next power-packed chorus. Fronted by the manic vocal intensities of Jay Sellwood, lashed by the frenetic superior guitar musings of Vance Manu and underpinned by the lethally tight rhythm section of Shane McDowell (bass) and Joseph O’Donnell (drums), FOTA deliver right across your stage. They’re a freaking awesome band. Original, entertaining, verging on the edge of utter chaos but punchy, powerful and catchy as all hell.

Bulletproof Convertible

Dunedin based Bulletproof Convertible – an original rock trio of energy and foreboding. Menacing rhythm underpins the wicked songwriting and guitar skank of Silas Waring, from bassist Paul Southworth’s low growl and the drive of drummer Alex Ramsay. The band imbues a strong sense of fun and dangerous fury…. Danceable as hell.

Poet Pallet Poet/Solo Performer Bios

Victor Billot

Victor Billot has released four poetry books, most recently 2021’s The Sets (Otago University Press) which appeared on the Nielsen BookScan New Zealand best sellers list. Billot’s weekly satirical political poems on the prompted Steve Braunius to dub him “NZ’s Unofficial Poet Laureate”, and also sparked an  online war with the nefarious Taxpayers Union. Victor Billot grew up in Warrington and attended Warrington School.

Kirstie McKinnon

Kirstie McKinnon is the author of the 2020 poetry collection Songs from the Water. Kirstie lives, writes and surfs on the East Otago Coast, Her poetry has appeared in Landfall, takahē, the Otago Daily Times and she remains active in the public art scene.2022 is Kirstie McKinnon’s first appearance on the Poet Pallet.

Scott Bagley

Brighton based soundsystem selector, poet filmmaker and set painter Scott Bagley is making a welcome return to the Poets Pallet. Scott cowrote 2018/2017?’s poetry chapbook “A Handful of Landmarks” and is a long time poetry contributor to the Blueskin News and the WMF Poet Pallet.

Richard Reeve

Richard Reeve is an award winning Warrington poet and a founder of Glottis Poetry Journal and Dunedin’s Octagon Collective. He has published 5 collections of poetry: Dialectic of Mud (Auckland UP, 2001), The Life and the Dark (Auckland UP, 2004), In Continents (Auckland UP, 2008), The Among (Maungatua Press, 2008) and Generation Kitchen (Otago UP, 2015).

Matthew Robertson

Matthew Robertson from Port Chalmers is a well known figure in New Zealand’s performance poetry scene. From the 70’s to the early 2000’s Matthew undertook a staggering amount of poetry reading tours of North America, Western Europe and New Zealand, from the 1970’s, performing and recording with various top 40 music acts.

Mac Macdonald

Bloody good, and bloody funny. Dunedin writer Mac MacDonald’s spoken word performances are packed with wit, insight and the common touch. Mac’s radio show “Bloody Good Yarns” plays on OAR 105.4FM Dunedin and is available on podcast. 

Jonny Marsh

A rock and roll song writer delivering 15 minutes of pure original material based in Dunedin

Paul Allen

Allen is a singer-songwriter based in Ōtepoti -Dunedin, New Zealand. With reflective lyric style, his original songs are from the heart and soul drawing on observations of the world around him.

J. Godfrey Smith

AKA Jah Sun is a conscious rapper, musician, writer and poet from Otepoti. Reading excerpts from his life works on the poet pallet.

Catherine KS

Kate Bush/Nina Hagen/Joanna Newsom and Aldous Harding comparisons, quirky singer/songwriter Catherine KS has swooping vocals, fusing folk, rock, pop, punk and opera into her unique hybrid sound. With catchy tunes, meaningful lyrics, “Unique”, “Mesmerising” and “Quirky” stage presence/performance are oft received feedback. She has produced three albums (currently working on a fourth). Various festival and venue performances both in the UK and NZ including gigs played alongside Newton Faulkner, Benji Kirpatrick, Seth Lakeman and Nadia Reid.”



Kin Tribe